Administrative Forms


Athletic Association Payment Request Form
Athletics Volunteer Form - Division I
Athletics Volunteer Form  - Divison II
Deposit Slip
Event Fundraiser Approval Form
Game Management Pay Request Form
Game Management Worker Agreement
Onsite Visit Expense Form
Outside Income Reporting
Scope Scholarship Application
Student-Athlete Home Ticket Request Form
Student-Athlete Visiting Ticket Request Form
Tax Exemption Certificate
Tennis Official Voucher
Tutor Payment Form
University Volunteer Form


Georgia Team Travel Expense Statement
Day Travel Expense Statement
Overnight Travel Expense Statement


Camps and Clinics
Release, Waiver of Liability & Covenant Not To Sue
Non-Institutional Camps
Camp/Clinic Information Form
Camp/Clinic Participant List
Non-Institutional Camp/Clinic Checklist
Non-Institutional Camp Employment Review
Summer Camp Memorandum of Understanding
Institutional Camps
Camp/Clinic Information Form
Camp/Clinic Participant List
Institutional Camp/Clinic Checklist

Financial Aid

Outside Scholarship Reporting Form
Special Scholarship Worksheet
Scholarship Change and Withdrawal Form
Voluntary Termination of Aid Agreement 
Student-Athlete Scholarship Worksheet
Summer Scholarship Worksheet

Playing and Practice Season Forms
Outside Competition Form
Declaration of Playing and Practice Season
Practice/Competition Quick Guide
Practice Hour Logs
Practice Time Log
Team Travel Excuse Form
CARA Log (pdf)
CARA Log (excel)

Recruiting Forms

Georgia Recruiting Travel Expense Statement
Day Recruiting Travel Expense Statement
Overnight Recruiting Travel Expense Statement
Complimentary Admission Request Form 
DI Recruiting Log
DII Recruiting Log
Official Visit Itinerary
Official Visit Request
Sickle Cell Test Waiver
Student Athlete Host
Try-Out Request
Unofficial Visit Request
Transfer Eligibility Form

Roster Forms
Roster Addition Form
Roster Deletion Form

Miscellaneous Forms 
APR Enrollment Verification
Community Engagement Activity
Drug Testing Consent Form
FERPA Consent To Release Information Form
NCAA Compliance Test Verification Form
Occasional Meal Form
Student-Athlete Employment Form 
Student-Athlete Travel Release
Coaches and Athletic Administrators Biographical Questionnaire 
NCAA Medication Reporting Form