Clint Bryant To Chair DII Military Pilot Project Team

Clint Bryant To Chair DII Military Pilot Project Team

AUGUSTA, Ga. – Augusta University Director of Athletics, Clint Bryant, has been chosen to chair the Division II Military Pilot Project Team after the NCAA and local U.S. military leaders agreed on the formation of the project in December.

Now in his 26th year at the helm of Jaguar Athletics and a member of Division II’s 40th Anniversary Team, Bryant hosted a summit meeting between local U.S. military leaders and Division II leaders to discuss a possible partnership between the two entities. A partnership that would establish a pilot program partnering an athletic conference and its schools with neighboring military installations to demonstrate the advantages and benefits of linking schools, student-athletes, military connections and local communities together.

At the NCAA Convention, the Division II Management and Presidents councils approved the formation of the program and a task force that would determine the initial steps, while naming Bryant the Executive Chair of the committee.

“We want to be more than just a game, “Bryant said. “ We want to be more than just an event held on an installation. We want it to be a truly comprehensive engagement. I think this is the tip of the iceberg of an effort that could be meaningful for everyone to engage our military in a relationship with our colleges and universities.”

The vision of the group is to have a national partnership between NCAA Division II and the United States Military to develop future leaders who serve our communities and our nation. Bryant’s work with DII’s Planning and Finance Committee and Management Council caught the eye of the NCAA to spark the decision.

“I’m just excited what this might mean in our community,” Bryant said. “It’s just something that’s exceptional here, and it just makes sense for us to be partnering and collaborating. The same things that the military wants in their development of young soldiers are the exact same things that we’re trying to develop with young student-athletes.”



Division II Schools and Conferences   Military and Installations
- Tell the story of the Division II brand of intercollegiate athletics - Tell the military story, its purpose and mission
- Exposure to military trained leaders structure and methods - Military personnel see the opportunities in higher education
- Understanding of military life - Build confidence as an individual
- Community partnerships and alliances - Educate the community about military life
- New audience and fan base - Integrate military and the installation into the community