SAAC Jaguar Cup


What is the Jag Cup?
The Jag Cup represents a competition that is played by all the sports programs at ASU. This program provides a means of recognizing what our student athletes are doing beyond their playing field or court. Similar to the principle of athletic competition, the Jag Cup will be awarded based on the involvement within the community, school, supporting fellow Jaguars, active participation with the SAAC, and overall academic achievement. Team SAAC representatives are responsible for documentation of all points to be awarded; Jag Cup Points Form will be filled out completely by your team SAAC rep. and given to  the Faculty Liaison of SAAC. The team with the most points at the end of each year will be crowned as the Jag Cup champions. The Jag Cup will be presented to the champion at the athletic sports banquet at the end of the year.

How are points awarded?
Points will be accumulated through the involvement in the five following categories:

Athletes Supporting Athletes

  • 50% or more of your team attending another sports competition.
  • 20 Points will be awarded for each athletic competition your team attends.

Community Service

  • 50% or more of your team offering any type of community service.
  • 20 points will be awarded for each Team community service event.

Academic Honors

  • Highest Team GPA
  • 50% or higher with at least 3.0
  • Team member being awarded Female or Male Student Athlete of the Year.
  • 20 points will be awarded to the team with the highest GPA
  • 10 points will be awarded if a team has 50% or more of its team members with a 3.0 or higher
  • 5 points will be awarded to the individual academic honors mentioned above.

Athletes Supporting Augusta University

  • 50% or more of your team attending university sponsored events such as: Theatre, Music or Lyceum Series
  • 10 points will be awarded for each University event your team attends.

SAAC Representation

  • Teams will be awarded points by having representatives at meetings, participating collectively as a committee, and any other communications or activities teams may involve within SAAC.
  • 5 points will be awarded for each representative a team has at a SAAC meeting. *Maximum of 2 representatives.

Download Jag Cup Points Form